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7 Tips to Speed Up Editing

#1: Shoot in JPG

This may seem controversial, but If speed is the name of the game, smaller image files sizes make all the difference during import!

#2: Edit On Camera

Delete the Out of Focus Junk while you're standing around! There is usually some time in between shoots when you can take a look at your camera and throw all the garbage shots.

#3: Ask for Feedback

If you're taking portraits, ask your subject is happy with any of the images. If they are, you've done your job!

#4: Don't Over-Shoot

One way to save time in editing is to not have to edit at all!  Check to make sure you got the shot, then move-on!

#5: Don't Import Everything

Be selective when you are doing your import. It will save your brain later when you have to make your best post selections.

#6: Do Export Everything

You want to use a secondary device to make sure that the images look the way on your computer as they did on camera.

#7:Favorite your FavoritesI

Picking your best photos to post on social media can be daunting. Use Dropbox "Star" feature to keep track of your favorites!

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